Frequently Asked Questions for Interior Designer

Investing in interior design isn't an easy decision. A lot of questions tend to arise before you think of hiring and trusting the interior designer. These questions are totally subjective yet hold importance to getting the best of the service provided by the interior designing team.

 An expert and professional interior designer will readily be available to answer your doubts and questions. Some questions are basically obvious, e.g., design style, color, budget. Some questions, on the other hand, can be unique. These questions will help you decide whether you want to get the services or would like to move on to the one who suits your requirement better. 

Here are some of the frequently asked valid questions asked from interior designers. 

How to trust the design choice of the interior designer?

First thing, a professional designer will always try to know your vision first. They will always try to incorporate your vision into the interior design in the best possible way.

The first thing an interior designer will do is scan your entire house. We mean every corner of your home!

This is to evaluate few technical things before shooting the ideas they have for your house. You will test the designs of your vision and the technical design interior designer by working them out in a symphony. The critical point is to satisfy your need!

How do you get a visual idea of the vision the interior designer has for you?  Simple by asking for 3D virtual design. These act as a PoC before starting the process. Once finalized and approved, the interior designer will begin to work. A pro tip is to be patient with the designer. This is because every project is like a blank canvas for them; they are creative people, and giving them the flexibility to excrete the creative juices will only help you at last. 

Can I incorporate my ideas into the design?

Can I incorporate my ideas into the design?

The short answer is yes!

Outline Design Studio offers customization options where the customer’s ideas are prioritized and are known to be incorporated into the project in the best possible way.  Offering a holistic custom design is the main focus for Outline Design Studio. Hence, Ideas, changes, and suggestions are always appreciated and encouraged here. You can have the ‘Elegant, sassy black room’ if you want. We can turn your black room into esthetic art. 

Will your service fall into my budget? How much does the whole design cost?

Will your service fall into my budget?

A professional designer understands your concern. We know you are making a purchase, and that's why we want to be sure about the budget to face extended cuts. The answer depends on the customer to customer and project to project. 

A budget is set depending on these factors:

●      Size of the house

●      Decor Vs Home interior

●      Design esthetics

●      Design team location

A 2BHK flat is a smaller space than a 2 story building. This will play a significant role in deciding the budget. Also, know the primary difference between home decor and interior design. The decor is decorating the house with the architectural shifts; it could be your wall, hanging, paint. But, interior designing is decor with the furniture, table units, ceilings, basically architecturally challenging. Which will always be pricier than the home decor.

The design esthetics can be a personal choice; some people love minimalist interior, some people like the luxury feel. It depends on the design you relate your personality with. It can be anywhere from minimalist, which is comparatively cost-effective than the bohemian or traditional designs.

The design team location does become a significant factor. If you want to play safe and get the best out of your budget, we suggest hiring a local designer. It's a myth that local designers won't understand your taste in design. For example, as interior designers based in Hyderabad, we know the design taste of Hyderabad’s people. The city is known for its architect and design, and people love experimenting with the design to find the intangible uniqueness within the house.

Among several interior designers in Hyderabad, Outline design studio happens to offer you an affordable cost, outstanding designs with top-class quality. 

Can i choose wall shades for my room?

Can i choose wall shades for my room?

Yes, you can. However, it also depends on the space and features your room falls into. If space seems to be congested, then we will help you not to choose the specific colors. In such a situation, your interior designer will help you choose relatively the best color keeping your choice in mind. Don't worry; your favorite color can be played around if you are not given the space, you wanted it to give. The designers of Outline Designer studio will not disappoint you; we have technical tips and tricks to keep you happy without you compromising.

Can you help me to buy my furniture?

Can you help me to buy my furniture?

Pieces of Furniture are esthetic and essential parts of your home decor. However, not choosing the right one can make or break the look of your home.

Interior decor comes out far better with the right type of furniture aligned with the mood and tone of the decor. This is where interior designers can help you. They can help you choose the quintessential pieces of furniture to elevate the look of the home. Since old furniture and the old elements may fall out of place, despite being your favorite old heritage pieces. The simple solution is to request your designer reuse them with a bit of change that complements the rest of the design. You can also ask them to do your furniture.

They are the ones who can save you money and time. Giving you topmost quality for the same.

Also, it gives them a chance to enhance the look through furniture and take care of the booking, quality, and installation.

Can I play with colors?

Can I play with colors?

Colors are part of our personality, and if you want them to come out loud and clear, we have fantastic news for you. Yes, you can play with colors!

While some people like it simple, minimalist, and contemporary, some like it colorful, matching it with their inner vibe.  If you are a color-loving flamboyant personality, then the bohemian design is for you. If bohemian is too familiar for you, we have other fabulous options like coastal designs, art deco designs, traditional, and many more.

Can my budget go overboard?

Can my budget go overboard?

This question is the most frequent one. In most cases, the budget is declared and agreed upon. Before this step, approval of the design is considered a critical point. If you are not satisfied with the design outlook, you can frankly tell this to your designer. Until you are satisfied and agree upon the design, the process should not run. This will help you understand the designer's design sense and help the designer avoid unnecessary changes at last.

If these two steps go smoothly, you don't have to worry about your budget going overboard. The budget is set with taking all your necessary needs into account. Going beyond or below the expected can make you worry about the budget.

There are endless questions you can ask your interior designer. Your experienced designer at Outline Interior Studio will happily answer. Because we believe that by asking for help, our client can enhance the knowledge about the process and interior design; on the contrary, it helps us understand your need better. As you question more, you will make better decisions and hire the right service provider.


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